• AyoT Ogala - Founder & CEO

    AyoT is a Bachelors of Computer Science graduate from Carleton Univeristy and founder of EaglesTracker.

    While taking digital marketing, social media and business classes, he built EaglesTracker to over 120,000 followers on social media.

    The brain behind our operations.

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  • Yannick Nkengsa - Chief Technology Officer

    Yannick Nkengsa is a Bachelors of Areospace Engineering graduate from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.

    He joined EaglesTracker as a partner to lead the development, deployment and maintanenance of the EaglesTracker mobile application and works day-to-day as our Chief Technology Officer.

  • Moses Dawodu - Chief Project Officer

    Moses Dawodu is a very passionate, international, and innovative project management professional with 6 years of industry experience.

    The ability to take programs and projects from initiation to closing, effectively collaborating with key stakeholders is what drives him.

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